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Aquatic Therapy

IDEAL Therapies offers Aquatic Therapy services to children and adults with various disabilities and needs. 

Aquatic therapy offers an environmental advantage to clients pursuing a wide variety of physical and psychological goals. Through the use of water’s low-gravity environment clients are able to relax, move, and have fun all while experiencing reduced stress on the body’s muscular-skeletal system.

We incorporate unique manual therapy techniques and exercise equipment designed specifically for rehabilitation in the water. Most importantly, our program involves one-on-one sessions and an individualized physical therapy exercise plan to meet the needs of each patient.

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What is Aquatic Therapy?

Swimming Together

Aquatic Therapy treatment consists of exercises performed in water for relaxation, fitness, physical rehabilitation, and other therapeutic benefits. Aquatic Therapy consists of a diverse array of techniques that include physical therapy, aquatic exercises, and movement therapy in water environments and is performed with clients either floating or partially submerged in the water.

Aquatic Therapy promotes the restoration of movement and function in the body, and is especially prominent for treatments where lack of (limited) or non-weight bearing activity is preferred. In addition, when normal movement is hindered by a range of motion, levels of inflammation, pain, or even muscle spasms. With Aquatic Therapy, the support provided by the water is the greatest advantage. This support helps to remove pain and pressure on the joints during movements while administering resistance, which is used to increase circulation and strengthen muscles and tendons in the body. The human body’s weight consists of more than 50 percent of water. When an individual is in the water, this reduces a person’s body weight by nearly 90 percent. This reduction in body weight enables more movement while removing that stress on the body’s muscles and bones.

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