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Enjoying Music

Music Therapy

IDEAL Therapies, LLC offers Massage Therapy services to children and adults with various disabilities and needs. physical and psychological benefits to individuals, most importantly the sense of complete relaxation. Massage Therapists utilize a variety of techniques to assist. When these techniques are utilized and applied regularly, individuals experience physical and emotional relief from chronic pain and improved functionality.

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What is Music Therapy?


Music therapy is a form of treatment that uses music within the therapeutic relationship to help accomplish the patient’s individualized goals. This evidence-based approach involves techniques such as listening to, reflecting on, and creating music under the guidance of a trained music therapist.

Music therapy draws on the power of music in a therapeutic relationship to manage a range of conditions and improve the individual's quality of life. A music therapist tailors sessions to the individual's needs. They may sing or play instruments, listen to music or discuss the meaning of lyrics. You don’t need musical skills, and people of all ages can benefit.

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