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What is Recreation Therapy?

Recreational Therapy utilizes the delivery of treatment that is designed to rehabilitate an individual’s independence and daily functioning. Therapy aims to promote health and well-being, and to address activity restrictions caused by an illness or chronic condition. Recreational Therapists work to improve a client’s physical, cognitive, emotional, and social functioning, as well as help clients, overcome barriers to independence and leisure. Some examples of Recreational Therapy techniques include sports, arts & crafts, movement, and everyday tasks. Virtual therapy & telehealth options are also available.

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Needs Assessment

Therapeutic recreation services have much to offer individuals in developing their leisure lifestyle and improving their psychological, physical, and social well‐being (Stumbo & Peterson, 2013). We believe that individuals across their lifespan deserve a good life and this “good life” must include leisure well‐being.  Attaining leisure well‐being and a flourishing life include developing or refining skills in community inclusion, leisure education, and movement programs.   Therapeutic Recreation Specialists at IDEAL Therapies have created a plan to provide services to help participants build their strengths in the following areas:  

  • Improved stress management 

  • Community inclusion 

  • Transitioning through different phases of life 

  • Exercise promotion 

  • Adaptive equipment and modifications 

  • Education of leisure, barriers, and available resources 

  • Financial aid 

  • Knowledge and awareness of leisure opportunities 

  • Decreased symptoms of depression and anxiety   

  • Decrease in use of psychotropic medications   

  • Improved memory   

  • Improved communication with peers and circle of support  Improved intrinsic motivation 

Recreation Therapy: Services

Recreation Therapy

We provide Recreational Therapy to children and adults with various disabilities and special needs. Recreational Therapists work with individuals to improve and restore the loss of motor, social, and cognitive functioning, while promoting individuals to build confidence, develop healthy coping skills, and implement skills that are learned in treatment into their daily lives. Therapy service areas vary widely and are based upon the individual’s interests.

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The needs of our participants are discovered through referrals, assessments, and  evaluations. Participants are able to utilize our services after a thorough evaluation and assessment of his/her individual needs. IDEAL Therapies programming focuses on well‐being, movement, community inclusion, leisure education, and transition/discharge, all of which can be modified and refined to better serve the individual.  

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